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boy Roland

boy Roland was born out of the fury of pure, youthful love and raised amongst the wilderness of the forgotten North-Westland of Ontario. After growing into a foolish young lad, with a lustful heart, and a naïve eye, he proceeded to acquire scholarly qualifications he doesn’t use. Jaunting out into the world, he came into many wonders and mysterious places. Tragically, amongst those journeys, he lost a battle with a heinous bacterial brain beast, stripped of both his powers and mind. BUT FEAR NOT! boy returned from the Black Corridor, cramming his empty vessel of a cranium with all the raaddness in sight. With a high-five, he leaped off the beaten path, back into the wilderness of someone else’s memories, to start all over again. He now uses his new-old turbo brain to make all the art, defeat fear and sadness, whilst getting all up on existence.



Dominic Laporte

I am a painter and mixed media artist from Ottawa, Ontario. My focus has been portraiture, whether abstract, interpretive or realism for the past 8 or 9 years and I’ve yet to walk off that path. After graduating from Canterbury High school, a specialized art school in Ottawa, I lived in Montreal for a year while enrolled in Concordia Universities Fine Art program, majoring in Drawing and Painting. Realizing at the time I needed further technical training and conceptual theory, I decided to leave Concordia and later was accepted to the Illustration program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario where I graduated in 2015.

 I’ve been painting full time since I’ve been out of school and finishing up a collaborative show with my older brother, a renowned graffiti artist, we’ve been working on blending our styles and different artistic perspectives. The combination of a traditionally trained artist and a self-trained artist is bound to create something interesting, so that is what we wanted to explore. Beyond that my personal work is very much focused on a momentary bliss or feeling that we all get, but can't replicate, or capture, but often call it 'content' when it lasts long enough to give it a name. My time as a graffiti artist has a tremendous influence on the way I work now, aesthetically and methodically I work quickly with bold colors, and work to grab the viewer upon first glance with a punch of pure beauty and impact of the image.


Mara Shaughnessy

By day, Mara is a mild-mannered producer and director of video games for kids. By night, she's an author, illustrator and graphic designer. Mara is the author/illustrator and illustrator of two children's books, LEGO® Man in Space: A True Story and Downpour. A regular contributor to Trees for Life Canada and National Geographic Kids, her favourite things include: Yorkshire pudding, terrible 90s hip hop, puppies and felt-tip pens. 



Stephen Chong

Stephen Chong is a Toronto based graphic designer / illustrator. One of his many hobbies include collecting vinyl records, with a focus on music from the 70's spanning genres such as soul, funk, disco, jazz, and reggae. Some of his favourite artists include The Heptones, Alton Ellis, Lonnie Liston Smith, Nina Simone and A Tribe Called Quest.